Clover Desperately Needs Your Help

Clover came into our care emaciated, with a broken hip

Clover is waiting for your help.Clover came into MAGSR's care with a broken hip.
She needs surgery now.

UPDATE: Clover had bilateral FHOs (Femoral Head Ostectomy) completed on Monday, April 12th. She had some older fractures as well; however, as they had already set, the surgeon could not repair these. While under the surgeon went to spay Clover and discovered that she had a pyometra so, Clover was lucky that the decision was made to spay her while she was under.

In order to keep Clover comfortable and calm, she is receiving some good pain medication. PT exercises have begun. However, as Clover moves forward she will need extensive Physical Therapy in order to heal appropriately.

Clover's Story: Lovely Clover was picked-up as a stray and brought to a shelter where it was apparent she needed immediate help. Extremely emaciated, heartworm positive infested with ticks, and struggling to walk, Clover needed medical support quickly if she was going to survive. When seen by one of our incredible veterinarians, it was discovered that Clover also has a fractured pelvis and requires immediate surgery. In order to help Clover find relief, she will potentially require two FHOs (Femoral Head Ostectomy) with an ilium and sacral repair. The full extent of her needs will be determined during surgery. This procedure may cost up to $9,000.00.

Your generosity has funded Clover's surgery but, of course, the need persists for funding to support our ongoing medical commitments.

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