Pet Friendly Housing

Need an Apartment?One of the questions we hear often is "How do I find an apartment where I can take my dog?" Below are some links to more information on pet-friendly housing to help you keep your large dog when you move.  But first, let's start with planning:

  • Moving with Pets - This article gives great advice on how to adjust your pet to the area you're moving and how to keep them calm during the move.

  • Help Your Pet Adjust to a New Home - This post covers ways to keep your pet safe and comfortable before, during and after a move.

  • Pet Resume Guide - This helps you create a resume for your pet with fill in the blanks. This document can help when presenting pets to potential landlords.

  • Pet-proofing your home - Here are some tips on keeping your pup, and you home, safe from each other.

And here are links on more pet-friendly housing:

If you know additional links, please pass them on! 


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